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My New Year with Jaguar Finance

My New Year with Jaguar Finance

I’m getting excited as January 2017 is nearly upon us and that means I will be getting my brand new Jaguar F-Type Coupe with Jaguar car Finance. I’ve read all the articles been on the test drive and I’m just sitting here now itching for it to be delivered.

It is an absolutely fantastic and dynamic sports car and I think Jaguar can be proud of is as they have excelled with this one. It first came out as an open top convertible and was then followed a year later by the coupe which is the one I’m getting. The design is sleek and modern however it also keeps the sixties features of the lengthy bonnet. I think the style of the wheel arches and the size of the wide tyres makes it look altogether a masculine car. Its large front grill almost shouts power to you.

When I took the test drive I found that the rear wheel drive made handling very easy and even at high speeds I didn’t feel like I was about to take off the road. I’ve opted for the standard F type engine although there are another 3 sizes however I felt the standard was ample power.

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The good looks are not all on the outside either as the interior is elegant and every bit the drivers car. I jumped a little as when I started engine the air vents rise on the top of the dash. The gear leaver is sleek and every switch is smooth and neat. Alongside the leather seats this was truly luxurious and I would add that being 6 ft I sometimes have difficulty with there being enough room but this car was really spacious.

What is the deal with Jaguar Finance?

In order to get my new Jaguar F-Type Coupe I set up a deal with Jaguar Finance. Now I wouldn’t have thought about going for finance through the dealer however when the salesman told me they were offering a fantastic 0% finance over 35 months I just couldn’t believe my luck and it definitely got them the sale.

The Jaguar F-Type Coupe comes in for around £52,000 for the 3.0 litre engine which I was going for. The dealer required a deposit of just over £18,000 which I secured by selling them my old Jaguar. So the credit I was having was approx £33,000 and this was to be paid in 35 monthly instalments of just over £900 with of course the 0% interest.